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Magness Oil Company

Industrial Markets

Industry is the backbone of our nation, and Magness is proud to help fuel industrial markets.  


Industrial Markets we cater to include construction, marinas, manufacturing, trucking companies, freight haulers, and aviation.  We fuel trucks, trains, and boats.


Whether your construction job is large or small OR you have over 100 trucks in your company fleet, Magness Oil Company has you covered. With 61 trucks in 11 locations across the Mid-South, we are ready when you are. We also offer 24-hour live dispatch, so you’re only a phone call away if you need anything. We also offer next day delivery for those in a time crunch. 


Fuel Logic is an all-encompassing dispatch software that enables customers to order fuel in an expedited manner. The entire process is digitally tracked with GPS mapping functions, and the customer is notified of progress on their order with digital stats and real-time tracking.

While most transport companies are still using spreadsheets and clipboards, Magness has paved the way in the fuel industry with Fuel Logic innovation software.  Magness developed and produced the Fuel Logic software internally based on years of experience in the field and continued growth and need.


We offer our industrial partners contract pricing for individual jobs or up to 6 months locked-in pricing. We also offer competitive pricing on petroleum, so our customers can be competitive in their markets.


Our customers can count on hands-on customer service at a better value. We operate our business in a manner that is honest, safe, and of the highest quality. We know that in order to be successful, our customers must be successful. 

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