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Magness Oil Company


Because Magness Oil is innovative and competitive within the fuel industry, we are also innovative and competitive in the pricing process for our customers. We understand pricing is the backbone of our product and strive to meet and exceed the needs our customers. 


Communication is a huge part of the success of our company. Customers get daily pricing emails, along with real time market changes. This allows customers to be the most competitive in their market.  


Our Fuel Logic software is a huge part of how we are able to keep a consistent level of customer communication while offering real time market pricing and changes. 

Key pricing features of the Fuel Logic software: 

  • DTN Pricing Integration - DTN is the world leader in price quoting for any commodity, including fuel.  Customers can log in and see real-time price updates.

  • Customer Order Placing Application - Customers have a personalized login on the Magness website, allowing them to order fuel at any time, using the real-time prices.  Customers can also schedule orders in advance.  

  • Automated Pricing Delivery - Every morning, customers receive price quotes emailed to their inbox.

  • Fuel Pricing Management - Magness has the ability to edit and adjust pricing as needed. 


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