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Magness Oil Company

Government Agencies

Magness Oil is an experienced supplier of fuel to government agencies. We work alongside city, county, state, federal, and government agencies to provide significant fuel cost savings.


With Magness Oil, you’re not only buying from a price leader, you’re also getting the best service in this industry.  Our prompt, responsive, and proactive customer service offers open communication any time day or night to give you the attention you deserve. 


Fuel Logic is an all-encompassing dispatch software that enables customers to order fuel in an expedited manner. The entire process is digitally tracked with GPS mapping functions, and the customer is notified of progress on their order with digital stats and real-time tracking.

While most transport companies are still using spreadsheets and clipboards, Magness has paved the way in the fuel industry with Fuel Logic innovation software.  Magness developed and produced the Fuel Logic software internally based on years of experience in the field and continued growth and need.


Magness Oil understands the need for fuel when emergencies and natural disasters occur. With emergency and disaster relief experience, we also know what it takes to provide our customers with time effecient and necessary services to keep your business moving forward. We offer a direct line of communication in order to quickly assess your needs and expedite the best solution. We offer alternate supply routes, temporary fuel depots, and try our best to have same-day resolutions to get you the fuel when you need it the most. 


Contact us today to let us help you lower your fuel costs and work with a company you can trust.