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Magness Oil Company
Wholesale Fuel Sales from Magness Oil Company
Wholesale Fuel Sales from Magness Oil Company
Wholesale Fuel Sales from Magness Oil Company

Wholesale Fuel Sales
Innovation. Growth. Success.

Whether you operate a small marina on the lake, a large construction company, an aviation company, or a fleet of 500 trucks, Magness Oil Company offers wholesale fuel at competitive pricing to keep your business active, strong, and successful. We also work with some of the nation’s top companies, such as Exxon and Citgo, to get your convenience store branded and running smoothly. And because of our ability to provide same-day resolutions and experience with disaster relief, we also work with government agencies at various levels.

You won’t find another company with our diverse market, years of experience, and attention to quality customer service. And with our Fuel Logic Software, our customers can order fuel, track their supply, and so much more at the office or on the go from their mobile device.

State of the Art Fuel Technology

Fuel Logic
Mobile App

Fuel Logic is an all-encompassing dispatch software that enables customers to order fuel in an expedited manner. The entire process is digitally tracked with GPS mapping functions, and the customer is notified of progress on their order with digital stats and real-time tracking.
With the Fuel Logic app, convenience store owners can track fuel management and tank levels from any location. This includes ordering capabilities and alerts. Paperless invoicing allows iPad signature functionality for delivery receipts and invoicing purposes.

Fuel Monitoring Systems

Magness offers our customers Fuel Monitoring Systems for up-to-the-minute tank readings, usage and volume trends. This system is easy to access from the web or your mobile device, increases efficiency and saves time and money.


Magness offers an innovative and competitive pricing process for our customers. Customers get daily pricing emails, along with real time market changes...this allows customers to be the most competitive in their market.
We understand pricing is the backbone of our product and strive to meet and exceed the needs our our customers.

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